A watch winder Dubai is a great idea for maintaining the quality of your automatic winding watch. This tool will keep your automatic watch in the same manner as you are wearing it on your wrist, though you do not wear it. When choosing the best watch winder Dubai, there are several things you must consider.

Storage Capacity

Watch winders come in a variety of storage capacity. A small watch winder can accommodate one to two automatic watches. While big watch winders can accommodate 4 watches up to 14 watches, depending on the capacity. If you are a true collector, it is highly recommended to choose a large watch winder. Large watch winders offer some benefits, including a shield to protect your watch collection. They are also resistant to bumps better than a smaller watch winder.


Some people and collectors often ignore this criterion when they are about buying a watch winder Dubai. In fact, it is necessary to check the noise that the watch winder motor makes when it is operating. A watch winder tends to have poor quality when it makes excessive noise during the operation. If you are planning to put the watch winder in your bedroom or living room, a watch winder with a silent motor will be more suitable to choose. So, you will not get annoyed with the noise from the motor.

Rotation Direction

There are watch winders that rotate clockwise and counterclockwise. But you are suggested to choose the one that rotates both directions. It is because one rotation can cause the automatic mechanism of the watch to wear over time. So, pick a watch winder with both clockwise and counterclockwise rotation directions to maintain the quality of your precious watch.


The price of the watch winder is one of the essential things you must consider. A cheap price tag does not always mean the best. Do not get yourself tricked by affordable prices because the price is worth the quality. Cheap watch winders tend to pressure the watch so that it can negatively affect the mechanism and overall performance of the watch. If your luxury watch is damaged, it will put you at a bigger loss to fix it. So, there is nothing wrong with buying a quality, expensive winter watch.

Besides those things mentioned above, do not forget to consider and check the material quality of the watch winder Dubai you are going to buy.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Watch Winder
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