Watch Winder Safe

The best ideas of the watch winder safe box, what are they? There are so many treatments for your watches. One of them is by keeping it in the right place like a winder box. Slightly, a winder box looks not really different from other types of watch cases. But compared to others, it indeed gives more benefits. Furthermore, a winder box usually also has many features that make it more special. What are the features that are added in a modern winder box for watches?

Digital Lock

Particularly if your collections are luxury watches, safety must be the priority. That’s why it is not exaggerating if the winder box has a sophisticated feature like the digital lock. You can only open the box by submitting the password you have set up before. Make sure that the password is not known by anyone else. You can just keep it on your mind without writing it anywhere. Although this feature is great, there is still a lack. If there is a thief that steals it along with the box, you cannot do anything.

Fingerprint Lock

Similar to a smartphone that limits people who access it with a fingerprint lock, a modern winder box does it as well. So, on the box, there is something like a small screen where you can put your finger. If the fingerprint is suitable the box can be opened and accessed. The lack is almost similar to the digital pocket above. The box can still be stolen by carrying it.

Iron Belt

The other security feature to enjoy in a modern winder box is the iron belt. Each of your watches is bound by an iron belt making it impossible for anyone to take it. Some products are even designed to attach to the table. This way, you cannot move it from the place where it should be.

Sophisticated Featured in a Modern Watch Winder Safe Box

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